Terms & Conditions of Rental

Norbrook Car Rental Limited, doing business as “Hertz” rents to you and any additional renter (hereinafter collectively called “Renter”) the Vehicle described in the Rental Agreement.

Renters will pay Hertz on demand all charges incurred in connection with the rental described in the Rental Agreement.

Renters agree gives Hertz permission to submit a debit card or unsigned credit card voucher stating that Renter’s signature is on file, and authorizes Hertz to process, amend, alter, complete or execute on behalf of Renter a debit card or credit card voucher in Renter’s name for payment of any charges.

Only drivers authorized by Hertz by presentation of a valid driver’s license are permitted to operate the Vehicle; Renter is responsible for all personal injury and vehicle damage caused by unauthorized drivers.

All penalties related to traffic and/or parking offenses are the responsibility of the Renter and Hertz reserves the right to charge the Renter’s credit card for any infringement fees incurred during the time the vehicle is in the possession of the Renter.

Renters are responsible for Vehicle Loss and/or Damage, plus related expenses including any consequential damage, loss of ability to re-hire and any loss of or damage to, vehicles and property of third-parties arising during the term of hire. Renter may avoid or limit responsibility by purchasing, for an additional charge, a COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (“CDW”). Renter must initial to accept or decline the optional CDW at the rate shown on the Rental Agreement for each day or fraction thereof. If Renter accepts CDW, Renter will not be financially responsible for such damage in excess of the CDW Damage Limit except as provided in this Agreement. Renter may only decline CDW if using a credit card that offers liability coverage for car rental in Jamaica.

Renter accepts liability for any damage to tires and/or wheels.

Hertz shall have no responsibility or obligation for loss or damage to personal property left in the unattended vehicle by renter or any other party.

Hertz Jamaica reserves the right to assess a detailing fee on vehicles returned with evidence of smoke or other odors, faeces, vomit, blood, sand, cement, marl, or if any unusual cleaning protocol is required to restore the vehicle to ready status.

Clients who return a vehicle after the date in noted on the rental agreement may be assessed a surcharge on their daily rate.