Dougie’s Bar

Dougie’s Bar at Jake’s Hotel in Treasure Beach overlooks the pool and the Caribbean Sea beyond. It’s not a fancy place, but it’s homey. Every day, people gather around to hang out and comment on the scene and the Jamaican memorabilia tacked up on the walls, including an iconic image of Reggae immortal Bob Marley.

Stick around for cards, backgammon or dominoes as the sun goes down and the moon comes up. The blender starts whirring at 10 a.m. each morning and the drinks and snacks come to an end when the last guest calls it quits for the evening.

Dougies Bar: the back story

“Dougies Bar was the first thing I built at Jakes, apart from the restaurant. It was originally Basil’s Bar—named after my father, who loved his pink gin before lunch and his rum punch before dinner—but when Dougie took over, we decided to name it after him.

Dougie was famous for staying up ‘til the last person in the place had imbibed the last bottle of rum. Dougie would never close the bar as long as there was a drinker.

Dougie was such a raconteur, people used to just hang out there to chat to him and hear about his latest escapades. Now, Dougie has retired, but he still comes around for special occasions—like when long-time Jakes guests ask to see him.

But in case you’re wondering, Dougies rum punch recipe is still a secret. (So, don’t ask!)

By the way, don’t miss Ras Katri, the musician who plays at Dougies now on most Saturday nights. He plays the flute. The guitar. Probably the trombone. He has an electronic machine that works as his back up, for what he doesn’t play. Everybody dances when Ras is there. He’s a one-man-band you won’t want to miss.”


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