Lover’s Leap

Many stories have been told about the star-crossed lovers who, rather than be taken from each other by a jealous plantation owner, chose instead to run away together. Legend has it, the lovers raced to the edge of this cliff — with a drop of approximately 1,700 feet—the moon caught them in a golden net.

Hand in hand they stood in this net, as the moon set slowly below the sea. The myth and mystery of this place give way to the practicalities of modern engineering at the property’s Lighthouse. From the top of the cliff, it seems like you can see forever, so it’s no surprise that Jamaica’s Port Authority chose this as the site, 1700 feet above sea level, to build a lighthouse — making it the highest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere.

Last year, Jason Henzell took over the lease for the building that stands on the property and the once-lonely spot has now become a local hot spot. Sure, visitors still come by at all times to gaze at the view that is, by all counts, the most stunning on the island. But it’s Sunday nights at Lovers Leap that have become the real draw. The party starts in the late afternoon, when it’s still light, and continues through the magical sunset hour and on into an evening of live music — each week, a different act — and dancing.

The food at Lovers Leap is as local as the crowd that gathers. Dinner is a la carte, and rather than menus (which might blow away in the strong breeze) dishes are listed on a blackboard over the large, wood, wrap around bar. Expect a menu filled with Jamaican faves, like: Fish Tea and Codfish fritters, Conch, Chicken, Oxtail, Bammy and Festival. Not to mention, cold Red Stripe and rum drinks served at the bar. There’s more, of course, but why not come by and see for yourself?

Lovers Leap
Yardley Chase, St. Elizabeth
From Treasure Beach, about 20-minute drive in the direction of Mandeville.

Call: 876-965-6887 or 876-595-2421

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